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Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter
Brandon is the CEO @ Bro Laboratories, a 7-figure supplement company. He is also a certified personal trainer & nutritionist who has previously worked with Nike, Puma, Adidas, Men’s Health, and other major brands.
Logan "Goody Beats" Delgado
Logan Delgado
Logan is one of the leading self made Instagram Influencers in the Keto space and he's done this all by leveraging social media. The owner of a rapidly growing digital brand, Logan just recently launched his newest venture; Keto-friendly Ice Cream.
Drew Manning
Drew Manning
Drew Manning is creator of the hit A&E TV Show Fit To Fat To Fit, NY Times best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit, Creator of the 60-Day Keto Jumpstart which has transformed over 500,000 lives, Owner of the 7-figure Fit2Fat2Fit brand and co-owner of Complete Wellness Supplements

Who Is Your 8-Figure Mentor Raphael Vargas?

Raphael Vargas

Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist 

Instagram: @RealRaphaelVargas

Raphael Vargas is a successful Real Estate Investor with over 7 years of experience in the industry. He quickly scaled his wholesaling business into multiple markets and became a renowned leader in Real Estate Wholeasaling.

Raphael Vargas has mentored over 1,000's of students and have helped them build there very own 6 figure businesses from scratch. He rapidly transitioned from just being a Real Estate Investor to becoming a Serial Entrepreneur with proven success gaining him financial freedom at an early age.

He is now focus on investing 7-figures+ into various industries such as E-commerce Automation, Forex, Commercial Real Estate, and other business ventures making him passive income.

Today, he lives a dream lifestyle, retired his mother, and is dedicated to help other achieve everything at a much faster rate and save you the headaches, money and time.

Learn From A 29-Year Old Serial Entrepreneur With Over 8 Years Of Building & Scaling 7-Figure+ Businesses. It All Started With A Goal Of Retiring His Mother Now He's Tapping Into Lucrative Businesses Even During Times Like These And Making A Fortune...

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Here is your exclusive access to Raphael Vargas day-to-day. You will learn A-to-Z on how to become a successful Entrepreneur, build your business and scale rapidly.

  • 4 Instagram Lives A Week Full Of Tips, Tricks, Knowledge & Q&A Session Where He Will Invite You To Go live With Him
  • ​Access To All Of His Documents & Resources So You Can Implement Immediately
  • ​Daily IG Stories Filled With Motivation & Inspiration To Help You Push Throughout Everyday To Accomplish Your Goals
  • ​Special Multi-Millionaire Guest Appearances, Q&A's & Exclusive Opportunities To Learn From Them
  • ​City Pop Ups To Be Able To Meet Raphael & Hang Out With Him

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The transactions on this page are real and verifiable from REAL Mastery and Raphael Vargas. These are real results. However, these results are not typical. Instead, this is the result of hard work, dedication, and specialized knowledge in the field of real estate, forex, and e-commerce. There is no guarantee that investing into these industries will gain you any monetary success. Your results are 100% based on your own specific situation, opportunities, and hard work.